Like a usual village, Photoville International is a community of people who loves photography, keen to sell quality works, and devoted to impart their skills in the art to fellow members.

We commit ourselves to innovate and upgrade our works to master the art, science and vocation of photography via continuous education, keeping abreast with the latest and hottest trends as we share our God-given knowledge, skills and talent to the welfare of the global village.


Mission Statement


We put into practice our passion for taking pictures.


We offer our quality works globally at competitive prices.


We share our God-given knowledge, experience, and skills among our co-members and to non-members who are interested in photography. We also devote our vocation to serve others through charity works, fund-raising activities, among others.



It all started with a picture in mind. Dominic Meily, Reynaldo Tamayo and Francis Malasig dreamt of establishing a group of photography enthusiasts that can supply images for free tabloid Magandang Balita. To attract members Mr. Malasig, an award-winning photojournalist, suggested that aside from simply being a photography club, he would volunteer to share his knowledge and experience as well as those of his invited colleagues to the organization. Mr. Meily and Mr. Tamayo started to recruit members through social networking sites.

Budding and professional photographers responded to their invitation. They later decided to ask Mr. Daniel Razon, a veteran journalist, host of morning show Good Morning Kuya, and an award-winning photographer to meet the group. In the meeting, Mr Razon urged the group to widen its horizons. Instead of being merely a hobbyist club, the veteran broadcaster suggested to register the group as an international village of photography enthusiasts that can able to produce works good enough to be sold as stock photos online and to be posted in photography exhibitions. As Mr. Public Service, he also invited the group to join his Isang Araw Lang (Just One Day) advocacy, which encourages the public to serve to his fellowmen in a global scale using their God-given skills and professions. With his suggestions in mind, Mr Razon proposed to name the group Photoville International.

The group took Mr. Razon’s advice to heart as it formally launched Photoville International to the public on July 13, 2011. With its membership base growing steadily, the group has committed to continuously improve its members not only in their photography skill, but in serving others in a global scale as well.